Zeno Acne Treatment

One of the greatest breakthroughs in the medical field today is Zeno acne treatment. The Zeno acne treatment is actually a clinically proven hand held medical device, but not medication or a laser. It is deemed as one of the great solutions for treating acne as it largely employs a medical heat dose treatment of individual acne pimples in patients with mild to moderate acne.


The Zeno acne treatment basically works by means of destroying the acne-causing bacteria found on the skin as well as to shorten the life cycle of pimples significantly. It is interesting to know that Zeno acne treatment does not actually replace daily skin care, but it takes over especially in cases that pimples devastate the skin’s natural balance. Certain reports have noted that Zeno acne treatment generally functions in two to three treatment cycles of 2 ½ minutes and spread over 12 to 14 hours.


Zeno acne treatment is deemed as a great solution for reducing and eliminating the acne lesions. In fact, 90 percent of the acne patients involved in an FDA reviewed clinical trials had found out that acnes detected early and treated with the Zeno acne treatment greatly faded and disappeared in the end within just a matter of hours. With this result, many medical professionals, doctors, and scientists who designed and tested the Zeno acne treatment believed that this method is more effective for the treatment of acne pimples than any other device available with the absence of any prescription. It is even much interesting to know that unlike the strong and potent drugs out there on the health stores, the Zeno acne treatment has demonstrated in tests to have no significant adverse side effects. The common side effects of this treatment just involve a slight temporary discomfort because of heat, local temporary skin redness, and post-treatment dryness or peeling of skin. There are also some other potential side effects that may occur, but these do not necessarily require medical attention.


Today, Zeno acne treatment is known as a rechargeable tool that integrates a memory chip for ensuring an accurate and exact energy calibration. This chip is also incorporated in this device in order to regulate the number of treatments delivered by the tip, as well as to give safety redundancy. The Zeno acne treatment has a Treatment Tip Cartridge that contains a particular number of treatment cycles, and this can easily be replaced with a new cartridge.